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Fall Fellowship

We were blessed with a sunny skies, friendly visitors, talented friends and hardworking team members at the Chosen Ranch Saturday September 26, 2015 during our Fall Fellowship. So many people helped make this an incredibly special day and we appreciate their generosity and hard work. Thank you everyone for your help, friendship and support.

CR Group Shot
CR Happy Group
CR Singers
CR Listening
CR Republicans
CR Crew
CR Birdhouse
CR Audience
CR Attention
CR Firetruck
CR Trying on Fireman's Gear
CR Fall Blessings
CR Check in
CR Owl Expert
CR Owl On Glove
CR Showing Owl
CR Owl On Shoulder
CR Bird Viewing
CR Touching Bird Feather
CR Tractor Hay Ride
CR Apple Picking
CR Apple Bin
CR ATV Delivery
CR Preparations
CR Checking Meat
CR Placement
CR Setting Up
CR At Work
Chosen Ranch 2015
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