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June Fellowship

Thank you to everyone who visited the Chosen Ranch on Saturday, June 27. It was wonderful to have so many members of the community tour the house and the grounds to see all of the work that has been done to date -- more than 1,500 volunteer hours.

We are looking forward to doing it all again (and more) at the Fall Fellowship on Saturday, Sept. 26.

Thank you to these businesses for their generosity and support:

Cole’s Appliance - Lincoln
Larry’s Electric - Harrisville
Alcona Coffee - Harrisville
Ronee’s Flowers & Nursery – Greenbush

A very special Thank You to Carrie Ann Mullins of Mikado for her generosity and creativity in designing and producing the new sign that welcomes everyone to the Chosen Ranch.

CR Sprinkler
CR Slip in Slide
CR sign trees
CR Seated Outdoors
CR Picnic Food
CR Kids on Hill
CR Enjoying Visit
CR Eating Together
CR Barbeque
CR Good Times
CR Hugs Smiles
CR Frank Interview
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