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Our Needs


We have a full 80 acres of property.  There is a small pond, pastures and approximately 30 acres of fields.  We try to be as self sufficient as possible, so would love to plant pastures, hay and other cover crops.  We need farming equipment.  If you have implements, or know someone that does, and are willing to donate them to our operation, they will be put to good use.  All equipment donated will receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes.  Specific needs:


3 pt Agricultural Sprayer

3 pt Chisel Plow

3 pt Finish Mower

3 pt Post Hole Digger

Memorial Garden

The area near our ponds is overgrown and currently not very accessible.  We are in the process of turning the area into a memorial park/garden honoring Frank and Virginia Dimercuiro.  We plan to develop an area visitors can park a small camper and stay a night to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Chosen Ranch.  

Equipment Needs:


Skid Steer

Drag Line

CR Property.jpg

The Upper Room

The Ranch has a guest quarters above the garage. We have used this area for youth meetings, as well as to house people when they come to work at the ranch.  The floors, bathroom and kitchen area are in serious need of updating.  If you have construction skills and are willing to come work on this project, or can help financially for this project, please reach out to us!  

Chosen Ranch 2015.jpg

Chosen Ranch Beef Operation

We have a goal of being able to provide our own beef, raised and finished at the Ranch by our boys.  The life lessons will be powerful, the work rewarding and it will lessen our dependence on outside help.  That is always our objective, to do the work we need to do in order to support ourselves as much as possible.


Barn Restoration

The "old barn" on our property is believed to have been built in the late 1880's.  It is in very good condition, but is in need of repairs.  Our ultimate goal is to use the Ranch as a wedding venue for believers.  This barn, and it's surroundings is gorgeous, with wonderful photo opportunities.  

CR Barn.jpg

Land Clearing

We have a  massive amount of invasive plants that have gotten out of control.  Autumn Olive, Japanese Barberry and Honeysuckle.  This is not easy to remove, and takes a lot of equipment and sweat equity.  We have been using a bulldozer and small tractor to remove the plants, including the roots.  

Equipment Needs:

Small Excavator

Root Rake for our Bulldozer

Orchard Sprayer for controlled chemical application.

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