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The Chosen Ranch Community Center


We are a non-denominational Christian Community Center where people can come together and enjoy each other in a warm, welcoming and pleasant environment. The Center will be open to the public daily from 6 am to 8 pm. We offer a little something for everyone. From Coffee and donuts in the mornings to cooking and life skill classes for young and old alike.


We have several programs planned for kids including after-school tutoring and a rewards program that will allow teachers, police, DNR officers and other people in authority to hand out vouchers to children who are seen doing random acts of kindness. These vouchers can be redeemed at the Community Center for gifts that a committee of students from area schools will choose, purchase and inventory in our storage space to have on hand at all times for these children.


We also have an education room where tutors will help students with homework and music lessons. A community choir will be forming as well. We offer a woodshop where children can learn woodworking skills from accomplished woodworking teachers. The students will learn how to produce products that will be sold at area sportsmen stores and over the internet.  Other programs we hope to launch are times when seniors can come in and have students teach them in the use of smartphones and computers.

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