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Meet Jamie and Joy Bullis, House Parents

In 2018, Jamie and Joy Bullis moved into the Chosen Ranch and took the role of House Parents. Jamie, who was the Asst. Executive Director and Ministry Leader, learned of a young man in Alpena that needed a place to call home. After he and Joy prayerfully considered options, they discussed the issue with their three boys. Gabriel, the oldest, who knew Robert well, instantly responded with "we have to do this, it is what we do at the Ranch. Of course, the rest is history. In May of 2018, they made the move from their home in Hubbard Lake, to the Chosen Ranch. On the day the move was finalized, they took full legal custody of Robert and the adventures began.

Jamie and Joy Bullis have been married for 25 years. They were high school sweethearts, and when not dating, remained close friends. Joy, who ran track at Michigan State University after graduating from Fremont High School, studied Juvenile Justice and specialized in working with youth. Joy worked at the Ingham and Eaton County Juvenile Detention Centers before she and Jamie were married in 1998. Upon moving to Manistee, Joy ran a juvenile diversion program for the Manistee County Court. After giving birth to Gabriel in 2002, Joy left the work force and remained a stay at home mother. Gabriel was followed by Caleb in 2004 and Jeremiah in 2006. Joy home-schooled all three boys until they were established in who they were as young men and believers in Jesus Christ. All three then started in the public school system. Joy is currently the Athletic Director and work with students at the Claw Academy for Alcona Community Schools.

Jamie joined the U.S. Army after graduating high school. After serving for four years, he joined the Michigan State Police as a Trooper. Jamie was able to work as a Canine Handler for almost ten years, was an instructor for a Recruit School, and promoted to Sergeant in 2020. He currently works full time as a Road Sergeant out of the West Branch Post. Jamie travels frequently, speaking and preaching the Word Of God as a lay-pastor and motivational speaker. Jamie and Joy explain their family in the following way: "We have seven boys. Three "bio" boys and four "ranch" boys. They are all our boys, by birth or by this ministry."

"We love our lives. We are busy, always running, always traveling, the boys all play different sports. So, we will frequently need to travel to a track meet, baseball game and a golf meet, many times on the same day. At times, it is overwhelming. But honestly, we wouldn't trade a minute of it.".

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