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The Future is Now

Well, we have successfully navigated another Christmas season here at the Chosen Ranch. We were able to take a trip to Florida, where we spent time with family, met a new church family to fellowship with, and traveled over 4000 total miles without a mechanical issue. It was a wonderful time, with great fellowship and great times.

As I have updated in past posts, we are looking at some major changes around the Ranch and ministry. Right now, there is a young man in crisis. He is currently in the foster care system and has been bounced around to six homes over the past year. From Cadillac to Alpena, he has not found a place to call home. There is a hearing coming up in the next couple of months that will terminate his parents parental rights. At that point, he can begin the process of coming to live here at Chosen Ranch. Our next house parents are well appraised of the situation and are excited to start this journey.

With this development, I am no in a full court press to raise the funds necessary to raise this young man. Though we were planning on making the transition to our new house parents before taking custody of a child, we cannot control these things, and we find the situation unfolding faster than we anticipated. Before I can commit to taking this young man into the care of Chosen Ranch, I have to know that we can financially support the home and house parents. That means we need our ministry partners to come along side us and financially support this mission. As you have heard me state in the past, it takes a significant financial commitment to run the Chosen Ranch, and we need help doing so. Our costs range from $4,000 to $5,000 per month, a sum that we need help achieving. Joy and I are fully committed to continuing this ministry and helping children in need. Our new house parents are excited to come along side us and start this journey themselves.

I will be sending a letter out soon. This letter is going out to those that have supported us in the past. If you would like to receive a letter, quarterly newsletter, or donation envelope, let me know via email and I will get one out to you ASAP.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer. Be blessed!

Jamie and Joy


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